• Pam Baze Honken

Let me know...

I am making available my Nigerian Dwarf herd at this time. I have does, doelings, bucks, two bucklings and a couple of wethers available. I have a three unregistered does and mostly AGS registered breeding stock. My goats are horned except for one polled doe and one polled buck and one disbudded buck as well. I will make package deals as desired but don't wait long... it's first come, first serve on this farm!! Feel free to share my post with anyone you know looking for healthy, good quality, friendly, lap loving ND goats. I need to make my work load a little lighter due to my continuing neck and upper back pain which at this point overwhelms me at times.

I will continue with the mini Nubian herd that I have started this past summer so their will be plenty of teens and kiddos to follow on the farm. I've been spending time on my Rusty Knot website listing information, prices etc only to see once I publish the additions and changes... nothing I've added is there. So freaking frustrating I can't even... ARGH!! I need to go dig in the dirt and continue finishing what I physically can in our new garden space. We are adding a 50' x 60' garden area with square foot areas, 2' x 4' and 4' x 4' along with trellis', an entrance of vining wisteria and hopefully a koi pond and sitting area in the next year. Dan has a lot of work to do!!!! I guess I better tell him huh?? :)

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