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Snow, snow, time to go...

Hello my peeps! It's been a long time since I've written so here goes...

Although we did not get that much snow today here on Rusty Knot Farm in northeast Kansas, we are enjoying the coldest weather yet this winter. Why? Why would we enjoy this bone chilling cold? Well to knock out a few bugs for next summer of course!

Milking is finished until spring and we are expecting our mini Nubian kids to arrive in April, May and June this year! Dan is busy designing a new milking room, a kitchen with cheese and soap production areas, along with plans for a new goat barn with loafing areas, birthing pens and hay storage. We will also be adding alfalfa fields on our property this spring for future use in our milk production goals! Our youngest doelings enjoy a bit of alfalfa every night and if you listen closely you will hear them saying "yum, um, um, yum" as they munch it down! And yes... it's very cute! They LOVE their alfalfa!

We should have a wonderful variety of kids to chose from this spring along with milk, milk, milk! If all goes as planned we should have 12-15 mamas delivering babies this year! Hence the reason for spreading out the birthing time... I will need the rest in between baby arrivals!!

The Rusty Knot Farm breeding list will be updated on our website soon!

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