• Pam Baze Honken

Hot as Hot can be?

Let's hope so!! June 29th? Feels more like August to me! 100 yesterday and 101 today ... at least their is a very nice breeze to help the perspiration dry today. Yesterday was merciless! Hot days on the farm means multiple checks for water and shade for those who require them... which is every single creature on Rusty Knot Farm... including US!! It's very easy to get overheated caring for the animals on the farm. Every critter from the chickens to the llamas depends on us for their basic needs. All the babies have been delivered for the year. Breeding for next year's babies will start in November and December. I do not wish to have any babies in the freezing months of the year. Dan is making plans for a new goat barn to include sections for a milking room, birthing pens, play area for kiddos and more! Gotta love that man and I do. Peace out.

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