• Pam Baze Honken

Thinning the Herd

Well, the time has come to thin out the herd somewhat... As I charge into the amazing world of mini Nubians I find that we just have too many goats at the moment. I will be selling quite a few AGS Registered does, doelings and a few bucks. I also have a few unregistered does ready for breeding and a couple of sweet wethers as well. I am working on my breeding plan this weekend to get busy for spring babies. I'm still amazed at how well all of the goats are doing on Rusty Knot Farm. Healthy, fat and happy!! They love grazing everyday and steadily devouring the areas we need cleared before winter. I am soooo looking forward to cooler temperatures to work outdoors! Both Dan and I have had a couple of bouts each with heat exhaustion. Not fun!!! Ruins the whole day for sure!! I was so overheated the second time it happened to me this summer... well, let's just say... I was actually scared... mostly because I was home alone and knew the symptoms I was experiencing were serious. Made it to the house, sat down and took my boots, shirt and pants off then went into a cold shower still partially clothed to run cold water from my head to toes until I did not feel faint. Headache, fluid and rest for the remainder of the day and important lesson learned!

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