• Pam Baze Honken


The cold house (sleeping with the windows open is just heavenly) and colder outdoor temps this morning obviously did the trick... got me thinking about winter prep. Pens to clean, equipment to inspect etc etc... The girls all love this weather, lounging in the sun all day absorbing the heat...chewing their cud and stretching and yawning... relaxing to watch for sure. Dan needs to build an additional shelter for the overflow since we have our mini Nubians added to the flock. I’ve also decided to build a feeding area for now so that we can put grain in troughs and the girls can all line up and eat in the same area... will probably have two areas to keep the Nigerians and Nubians separate still... the Nubians are just too nice and some of the Nigerians can chow down fast and furious!!  


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