• Pam Baze Honken

It's that time of year...

Fall always is welcome but never seems to last long enough. The beautiful colored trees everywhere just come and go so quickly anymore. If only there were a pause button to press to keep those lovely colors around longer... I would sure use it!! The time has come to drop numbers in our Nigerian dwarf herd. I have about 20 does and 3 bucks to sell and will make it worth your while and money if buying multiples. I you or someone you know is wanting a few goats or an entire herd... contact me soon! First come first serve has always been my way of thinking. My breeding plan is set for November but if some of those on the list sell before that's ok too.

Our new venture into the world of miniature Nubians has me switching gears. As most of you who follow me know... I LOVE my goats and would do ANYTHING for them. They must go to good homes and for those who are new to goats I will mentor you (if you wish) to the best of my abilities. I can give you references of those who have purchased goats from our farm (with permission of course!!) I love these critters but I know I can not keep them all!! I have bred for color, markings, milk and of course in some cases...moon spots! That is one thing I will always love about Nigerian dwarf goats... they have soooo many possibilities in color and markings with every breeding!! I have brown, blue and even gold and hazel eyed goats, sisters, wethers, studly studs, moms and daughters. I have polled and horned... you name it and I've probably got it... Feel free to share my blog site with anyone you know who is thinking about or looking for their own goats to love!

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