• Pam Honken

It's beginning to feel a lot like... my freezer!!

Well peeps... It's gonna be a cold couple of days here on the farm! 14 degrees now heading to -4 degrees overnight, a high of 9 degrees and a low of 7 degrees tomorrow. Brrrrrr... not looking forward to chores tomorrow!! I've beefed up the shelters with old hay to help keep the boys warm. The rest of the gang all hang out in the main shelter in the doe corral... including the two llamas and occasionally Tazia (Great Pyranese) although Tay will be working to keep peace on the farm. Tazia (Anastazia is her full name) and I have a routine. Every night I give her an extra treat and tell her "Take care of my babies tonight" and in the morning I give her a big hug and a belly rub and tell her "Thanks for keeping my babies safe!" Tazia is amazing... at only 2 years old she is proud to protect her goats, chickens, llamas and us! I've even trained her to the command "Hawk!!" and she runs to where an overhead predator may be looking for a chicken or baby goat dinner. I love her so much... If I sit on the ground and say "Help me up" Tazia stands by my side and lets me stand up using her as a support... did I say I love her??!!? Ta Ta for now!

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