• Pam Honken

Winter water woos...

Water... in the winter that means more work... at least this year it does! Especially when the electrical isn't updated to allow for all the trough heaters we need!! But I've come up with a way to make sure we use all that frozen water... ICE... to rotate into water troughs. Yes, it's a lot of work but not as much as hauling a hose from the basement (where I keep it warm and ready). Dan does the breaking of the ice and I collect it out of the troughs with a dollar store strainer and fill the buckets. Dan carries the bucket(s) to a water trough that has a heater. We take out a bucket or two of the heated water and transfer into the one without a heater... need an electrician?? Why yes I do LOL. Learning as we go :)

Enough about winter water... I'm a healthy water fanatic. I don't like anything floating in the water during any season. That's why there is a strainer near by to scoop out anything that doesn't need to be in there. When the goats are thirsty they aren't that picky it seems, it's just me! Clean water means healthy goats (or any animal for that matter!)

How many more days until spring?? Can't come soon enough!!!

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